AG LUBE is United Arab Emirates based company with offices, factory and Warehouses is located at Sajaa Industrial Area, Sharjah.We are well established in the field of Lubricants such as Automotive,Industrial, Marine lube and high quality lubricants, brake Fluids and Greases which will be matching to the all API (American Petroleum Institute) standards and Viscosity levels of SAE ( Society of Automotive Engineer) performance.

AG LUBE was set up in the year 2010 for the marketing of lubricating oil, brake fluids and greases. AG lube's factory location has made it an easy access to various ports in the UAE, which is enables us to ship goods on urgent basis to various countries in the region. We have been exporting to UK, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Middle East, Cameroon, Nigeria, Syria, Algeria etc.,

AG Lube a growth – oriented, technocrat company was promoted twenty years ago by highly qualified and dedicated professionals with several decades of experience in the Petroleum Industry, for formulating, blending and marketing of high performance Greases, Lubricants and Specialities. During this short period it has achieved phenomenal success in setting up a sophisticated blending and packaging plant, for greases and lubricants.    Read More
   Automotive Lubricants
    SAE 40 - Petrol and Diesel
    SAE 50 – Petrol and Diesel
    SAE 40 and 50 – Multi grade oil – Petrol and Diesel
    Synthetic Oil
    Gear Oil - 90 / 140 - GL 4 & 5
    Automatic Transmission Fluid – All Types
    Oil Treatment
    Coolants–Ready to Use,Concentrated&Anti-freeze
    Brake Fluid – DOT 3 and DOT 4
    Lithium base grease - MP2, MP3
    Lithium base grease - EP2, and EP3
    Lithium complex grease
    Sodium Grease (Wheel bearing grease)
    Calcium grease – MP2 and MP3
    Wire rope grease
    Moly Grease
    Bentonite grease
    Graphite grease
    Long life grease
  Industrial Lubricants
    Soluble Cutting Oil
    Neat Cut
    Circulation Oil
    Viscosity Index Improver
    Hydraulic Oil–32,46,68,100,120&320(both VG&ISO)
    Compressor Oil
    Gear Oil – GL -90, GL -140 and 85 w 90
    Rubber Processing Oil
    Furnace Oil